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LBW is a week-long event which takes place in a different European country each summer, drawing together Open Source software enthusiasts from more than a dozen different countries, for a combination of talks, presentations, hands-on mini-projects, outdoor exercise, and good food and drink.

LBW Harrachov

LBW in 2023 will take place on Aug 19-26 in Harrachov, Bohemia, Czech Republic. Harrachov is a winter resort in Krkonoše mountains on the border with Poland (Silesia). More details on further pages. Please register if you are coming.


Organizers are: Vladki, Stano, So┼ła.


If you have any questions, fell free to ask at our mailing list. Also if you see any references to Jedovnice on these pages, please tell me. This is a clone of the previous LBW page and the information is being rewritten.

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