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There is a brewery combined with glassworks in Harrachov:

They offer all you want: pub, excursions (to glassworks), beer bath, museum (glass), shop (both) and hotel.

Another micro-brewery U čápa is a bit further away, but would make a good target for a walk. Apart from the obligatory restaurant, it has a museum of unofficial greatest Czech Jára Cimrman and a look out tower.

There is a craft brewery Mariental in Szklarska Poreba on the Polish side of the mountains. Either a long walk, or short ride by train. Possible PoTD, last train leaves at 20:30.


There is a lot of pubs and restaurants in Harrachov.

Have enough cash for your dinner, most of the restaurants do NOT accept cards. There are 4 ATMs on the main street.

The standard beer size is 0.5 l, small beer is 0.3 l. Do not be surprised that the beer is 10% or 12%, these percents are not alcohol but amount of sugar (extract) before fermentation. Sometimes it is written as degrees (10° or 12°). Alcohol is usually 2.5x less than that. (10° ~ 4%). Beers below 10° are very rare (notable exception is 8° beer made specially for glassmakers in the above mentioned brewery), and anything over 13° is considered special (strong) beer. Beers are mostly lager type, but recently some breweries started to brew ales.

If you are a vegetarian, you may find out that the meat-free offer in pubs is limited to fried cheese with chips... Its fine to have some, but probably not every day. The situation is slowly improving though.

In general, prepare for this:


  • jídelní lístek = menu (meals)
  • nápojový lístek = drink menu
  • pivo = beer
  • víno = wine
  • lihoviny = spirits
  • maso (vepřové, hovězí) = meat (pork, beef)
  • bezmasé jídlo = vegetarian (meat-free) meal
  • Tatarák = steak Tartare (raw beef)
  • Tatarka = Tartare sauce (mayonnaise based)
  • desítka = 10° beer
  • dvanáctka = 12° beer
  • světlé = light, pale
  • tmavé, černé = dark, black
  • ležák = lager (12°)
  • řezané, řezák = mix of pale and dark beer
  • kvasnicové = non-filtered (kvasnice = yeast)
  • nealko = non-alcoholic (either beer or lemonade, depends on context)
  • birell, pito = brands of non-alcoholic beer
  • kofola = czechoslovak cola


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